Journaling Prompts for Mamas to Ease the Stress of Being Quarantined

I haven’t had my head on right these past couple of weeks. With everything going on, I feel drowned out and drained of all energy. The truth is, I don’t know what lies ahead of me for the rest of this pregnancy, and it makes me anxious. And I get anxious a lot. Back in December, I wrote a post called, “Mama, Take A Moment for Yourself”, where I wrote that journaling is a good one to reconnect with everything going on inside you. Mind, body, soul. But since then, I’ll be honest that I’ve barely written a thing – and I want that to change because writing for me is so beneficial.

This new quarantine has me a bit shaken. I keep worrying about whether I’ll have to deliver my baby alone or what I’ll do if there are any complications. It’s a good idea for me to get these thoughts out of my head and down onto paper. This way, I can see them outright. That’s why I wanted to come up with some journaling prompts for mamas to help ease the stress of being quarantined.

Journaling can help us move through stress – and even let go of some of it. By writing it down, we can see what’s in our control and what isn’t (most of it isn’t, to be honest). Or, we can write about other things to add perspective, clarity, distraction and even humour when we may not feel like laughing. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar, spelling or another editing. Just take the stress off of your insides and put it on paper. Journaling isn’t about writing a novel. But sometimes, looking at the words will help you see things for what they really are, maybe lead to action (maybe not), and will give you room for your lungs to finally breathe some relief.

I find that I often feel the most stressed first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed. Even though the events that take place during the day are a big stress inducer, I am often distracted by work, the things on my to-do-list, or just the everyday tidbits of life. It’s usually the quiet moments when everything suddenly comes crashing down on me.

Journaling Prompts For Mamas to Ease Stress

  1. Even though I’m dealing with this stressful quarantine now, I know that these five things will make me feel better today. (List 5 things that help you in a stressful situation and then add at least one of these things to your to-do list. Preferably at the top of the list!)
  2. How do I feel in my body right now? Where am I holding all my stress at? (You’re growing a human! And it’s good to jot down how you’re feeling in your body. Write down the places where you feel the tension. Is it affecting the weight of your baby bump or the pressure on your hips? Write it all down.)
  3. Instead of thinking about the pandemic today (which I have no control over), this is what I can do to help someone else. (List off FREE things you can do for someone else to help brighten their day. i.e. leave a positive note, pray for them, send them a silly photo. THEN: do it! Help someone else without stressing yourself out and breaking the bank. )
  4. If I still feel like I need help working through this tomorrow, I’ll ask the following people or Google this question. (This is a good journal before bed kind of prompt. If you’ve gone all day and are still carrying stress around, write down some things you can do the next day to ease it if you’re still having the problem.)
  5. Where do I want to visit in my dreams tonight? (I know this sounds silly, but quarantining means being cooped up unless you’re going out for an essential reason! So take a moment and think about where you’d if you could. Anywhere in the world! There are no rules in dreamland.)
  6. What gives me hope about the situation we are in?
  7. How am I feeling about how I personally am reacting to what is happening? (Don’t hold back in this prompt. Do you feel you’re acting rational or irrational? Maybe you feel like your reactions impose a threat to your physical or mental health. Do you think you’re handling it like a champ? Write it all down!)
  8. How am I feeling about how other people are reacting to what is happening?
  9. What have I always wanted to learn about or to do? How could I do that from home right now? (Now is the perfect time to decide what to do with the rest of the time you have when you aren’t journaling. If you’re a new mama, maybe you want to learn how to swaddle a baby. Or maybe you want to find an online breastfeeding class. Make a list of some things you want to learn!)
  10. What have I learned about myself from this experience? (Sometimes, easing stress is just about digging into yourself. Indulge in your mind! Have you learned anything about yourself during these days of self-isolation?
  11. What have I learned about human nature from this experience?
  12. What have I learned about life from this experience?
  13. Where have I seen the light and good coming out of people in all of this? (Take this time to turn away from the worldly negatives that are cluttering the news, your Facebook home feed, and your mind! Instead, focus on the good acts around the world and in your life.
  14. What am I most excited to do again once the quarantine is lifted?
  15. If my child were to ask me how to get through a stressful situation, how would I respond? (Write a letter to your child. Use terms a child would understand and explain how to deal with the stressful situation.)

I won’t lie. I’ve had more mental breakdowns this week than I’d truly care to admit. Dealing with depression and anxiety amidst a quarantine – it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Take a few minutes out of your day today to sit down and get your thoughts out. It will help ease some of the stress!

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