Angela Merkel’s illusion

It is a sober press release from the state of Brandenburg that excites the SPD health experts. And the message about the new corona rules in the state is actually remarkable. Because at the end there is under the keyword emergency brake : “If the 7-day incidence exceeds the value of 200 for at least three days in a district or an urban district, stricter contact restrictions and measures are set again.”

Wait a minute – 200? Yes, exactly: 200. And thus not the 100 that the federal and state governments decided to use as an emergency brake a week ago. As a mechanism with which the loosening is withdrawn again when the incidence increases.

“This is a storm in a water glass” , Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke hastened to assert when he received criticism. If the incidence persistently approaches 100 nationwide, the next steps will be decided. This procedure is also justified from a legal point of view, because strict restrictions on fundamental rights should not simply be automatic, says Woidke. However, he does not explain why this does not seem to apply to the country’s 200 emergency brake.

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